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Title Reference Salary (from) Closing Date
Management Accountant (Service Departments) FI5077-19-342 £30,395 15/09/2019
Technical Services Officer (29.5 hours per week) IS5372-19-331 £26,243 08/09/2019
Income Officer FI5021-19-330 £22,659 05/09/2019
Student Information Desk Adviser (20 hours per week) - Term time only SO5049-19-332 £22,659 05/09/2019
Research Development Officer EG5067-19-327 £30,395 04/09/2019
Administrative Assistant (PA to Head of School) SM5034-19-320 £22,659 02/09/2019
Quality and Standards Officer (22.5 hours a week) AS5159-19-326 £26,243 01/09/2019
School Administration Manager AE5001-19-181-R £35,211 30/08/2019
Student Information Desk Adviser (37.00 or 29.5 hours per week) SO5030-19-311 £22,659 29/08/2019
Student Information Desk Adviser (Careers) SO5038-19-315 £22,659 29/08/2019
Outreach Coordinator MK5099-19-299 £26,243 28/08/2019
Sport Participation Officer SO5016-19-319 £22,659 28/08/2019
Volunteering Project Officer (22.5 hours per week) SO5070-19-313 £26,243 28/08/2019
Cleaning Supervisor ES5104-19-312 £19,730 27/08/2019

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